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We don’t write a lot. We have been busy helping clients make money 🙂

How online reviews boost SEO

This is a guest blog post by Clayton Coombs. Clayton works for a law firm in Salt Lake City called The Advocates. They do great work.  How online reviews can boost your SEO. Simply put, a review is an opinion left by a client or customer that has been directly...

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Great way to use that negative review

On Reddit, I ran across a rather ballsy yet amazing way of using a negative review. A local resort had a negative review on Yelp from a patron who found their ski slopes too hard. This won't work for most businesses, but I loved what they did....

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[STEAL THIS] Conversion Rate Optimization Plan

First, let me tell you that this is a very abridged version of the Conversion Rate Optimization Plan we use, but if you are currently just doing split testing without the rest of the steps that should be involved, then this is a great place to...

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How to get UTM tracking data into Infusionsoft

Here is a copy of the slideshow This is the shortcode I used in the tutorial so you can copy and paste it: [urlparam attr="value" param='utm_source'] If you find this post useful, cool! It was made for a presentation I gave to the Salt Lake City Infusionsoft User...

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