Case Study: Georgia Roofing Company

Customer #1397

Primary Goal

Increase QUALITY of leads
Sales team was getting burned out

Secondary Goal

Increase VOLUME of leads since they had the ability to scale

Our Solution

Install a Lead Generation Configurator to their existing website.

Baseline Stats

Average Monthly Traffic: 1267
This is pretty typical in the industry

Analysis: Before

12 leads/mo (0.95% conversion rate)
Industry average is around 1%

Analysis: After

37 leads/mo (2.92% conversion rate)
This equals a 308% lift in conversions

Our 21-Point Lead Quality Comparison

configurator lead quality score

We replaced our “Schedule Inspection” button with a “24/7 Pricing Estimate” button that links to our Configurator and within a few months, we were expanding our team to handle the new jobs. These leads are gold!

Gary H.

Newark, NY

The configurator leads are, BY FAR, the best leads we’ve ever worked with. That is all.

Henry T.

Louisville, KY

“We have closed more business specifically because of our Configurator that we are having to turn down jobs. This has allowed us to stop doing the less profitable work and focus on the more profitable projects.”

Michelle, B

Madison, WI

I know when we signed up, we were told that you focus on quality leads over quantity. But in reality, we are getting both! Our lead quality has gone way up, but our quantity is also outperforming our previous efforts.

Sean O.

Allentown, PA

“I have been getting leads from more sources than I can count for over two decades. Most of those leads have taken a LOT of effort to close, IF we can even reach them. The leads we get from our configurator are literally the best I’ve gotten.”

Javier P.

Houston, TX

“I honestly didn’t think this would beat what we had been doing for the past several years. I was wrong. the ROI on these leads are through the roof! These are the only leads we get that my guys fight over.”

Keith H

Spokane, WA