Who We Are

Growfunnel is owned and operated by two guys that believe that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. We focus everything we do on helping small businesses improve their bottom line.

We want your small business to make more money, be able to grow their business, and hire more people.

If what we do is a good fit for your business, it WILL move the needle.

Meet John

Photo of John Hopkins

John, our Director of Marketing, started his career many years ago as a photographer and graphic designer. Over the following years, he figured out that moving the needle was WAY more important than making pretty websites.

That was a couple of decades ago. John has spent the subsequent years successfully helping small businesses with marketing through marketing automation and lead generation.

Most importantly, John is the father of four kids (mostly adults now) and is married to the love of his life. He is often found with her in Caribbean waters with a snorkel in his mouth.

Meet Craig

Photo of John Hopkins

Craig is our Director of Sales. He is a manly kind of man. When he isn’t talking to customers and doing other Growfunnel stuff, you’ll usually find him somewhere with dirt, trees and driving/riding something with lots of suspension travel very fast.

Just, whatever you do, do NOT ask him what his real name is.

John wrote this. Craig needs to write his own stuff here 🙂